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SkyCiv-Revit Integration

IDEA StatiCa Plugin

Export your SkyCiv model to IDEA StatiCa and leverage powerful steel connection design
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Key features of the SkyCiv - IDEA StatiCa Plugin

Export your full Structural 3D model or a selection of individual connections

What's possible with the SkyCiv to IDEA StatiCa link?

  1. Export your SkyCiv Structural 3D Model to IDEA StatiCa CheckBot
  2. Generate individual connections for single or multiple nodes directly from Structural 3D
  3. Open your individual connections from the web or from CheckBot

Export your SkyCiv Structural 3D model to IDEA StatiCa CheckBot

  1. Export the whole Structural 3D model, complete with member forces
  2. Import the model to IDEA StatiCa CheckBot to manage your connections
  3. Open individual connections from IDEA StatiCa CheckBot, and design with the member forces from Structural 3D

Export single or multiple connections to the IDEA StatiCa Webviewer

  1. Export the connection for a selection of nodes in Structural 3D, and view them instantly in the IDEA StatiCa Webviewer
  2. Download individual connections, complete with Structural 3D member forces, for design in IDEA StatiCa Connection (desktop)

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