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SkyCiv Google Drive App

Export your SkyCiv Structural 3D model, reports, screenshots straight to your Google Drive with one easy click.
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What's Possible with the SkyCiv Google Drive App

Seamless collaboration.
google drive and structural engineering integration

Sync your Project Data with Google Drive.

SkyCiv is built to take full advantage of the cloud’s ability to maximise collaboration and provide easily accessible file storage. While we provide our users with storage for their models in SkyCiv, we want to make it easy for our users to integrate and export their data to services like Google Drive.

With the SkyCiv Google Drive Integration, users can:

  • Save and open SkyCiv Model .json files in Google Drive
  • Export project data including screenshots, reports and spreadsheets.
  • Edit report PDFs exported in Google Docs
  • Create and edit Google Drive Spreadsheets for model and result data.
  • Manage there SkyCiv project data in a centralised Google Drive Folder.

Your model, reports and structural data straight into your Goole Drive.

Quickly export all the important information to your drive, without the manual headaches. SkyCiv is cloud based, and is dedicated to helping engineers integrate their workflows, to make life easier for our users. We're excited to be the only structural analysis software with this type of integration.

Instantly export all your most important model data and reports using this clear and easy app. It's easy to install and fully integrated with SSO, so getting started is just a few simple clicks away..

Google drive integration
SkyCiv Google Drive Integration

Tap into the full functionality of Google Drive while still being able to open your models in SkyCiv Structural 3D.

Access all the capabilities the Google Suite has to offer from editing your PDF reports in Google Docs to sharing project data easily across you Google Workspace. At any time, you can still open your model from Google Drive directly from within SkyCiv Structural 3D.

This completes the two way data integration to help keep your models and files in sync. New to SkyCiv? Try our 14-Day Trial which includes access to our apps and integrations!

Single Click Setup

SkyCiv Addons and Integrations are designed to be installed easily. The SkyCiv QR Code App can be installed with a single click in your account settings:

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