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Bill of Materials Add-on

Easy cost estimating with historical tracking

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Powerful cost estimating, reporting and exporting.

The SkyCiv Bill of Materials Add-on has a wide range of functionality to help you with your preliminary designs, costing and design optimization. These features include:

  • Clean graphs of material, sections and cost breakdowns
  • Bill of material table, with options of simplified/detailed
  • Customizable cost schedules
  • Export PDF capabilities
  • Export bill of materials and estimaates to CSV
  • Historical cost of your structure, with total $ value saved

Show clients the value of your design, with new historical cost tracking.

Since SkyCiv has a track history of your model changes, a historical graph of your savings can be recorded to demonstrate the value of your design to clients. View a the history of each user's changes and updates to see the cost impact of those changes. Impress clients by exporting clean and professional graphs, with your logo via our PDF exporting functionality.

historical bill of materials of structural analysis model skyciv

Single Click Setup

SkyCiv Addons and Integrations are designed to be installed easily. The SkyCiv Bill of Materials app can be installed with a single click in your account settings:

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