After many inquiries and student requests, SkyCiv is now offering educational licenses to learning institutions, mainly in technical schools and universities. Since its inception, SkyCiv has heavily served the engineering student population, with the platform often being a student’s first introduction to engineering software. By giving universities the opportunity to subscribe to a yearly unlimited number of licenses, students in varying applicable courses are able to access SkyCiv on their own devices.


Traditionally, engineering software access has been limited to lab computers or required licensing to individual students. Instructors would have to book time in the lab for their courses or students would have to independently find time and space in the lab to access needed software. SkyCiv’s online interface completely eliminates this scenario, giving access to students from home, work and even in the classroom! SkyCiv is also the only structural analysis package available on Mac, so no one misses out!

Easy Onboarding

Our software is based in the cloud, meaning no installations or hardware requirements other than a computer with internet connection. Once a university has subscribed to yearly access, a student can simply log onto the platform through their web browser and begin building and solving right away.

Real-time Learning

In the classroom, SkyCiv is useful for real time demonstration of structural analysis concepts. For example, say an instructor of a Statics course is teaching the concepts of bending moment, shear force and reactions at supports. SkyCiv’s user friendly interface will allow this instructor to teach these concepts while the students follow along on their own devices.

Self-Help Resources

Along with University subscriptions to our state-of-the art software, we offer a comprehensive set of usage materials and demonstrations easily accessible from within the software. Are students having problems understanding Fixity Codes? Help is simple a click away, and many sections include video tutorials for guidance.

Getting Started

Our Education team is ready to discuss an Education Subscription to SkyCiv. Contact us at [email protected] or visit

Abigail Goss Education Coordinator
Abigail Goss
Education Coordinator
BEng (Civil), BCom