RC Member Design for ACI, AS and Eurocode coming soon...

Probably one of our most requested features is for reinforced concrete design modules for beams and columns under ACI 318, AS 3600 and Eurocode 2. These design standards stipulate the requirements to design a range of concrete elements of a structure. These are in addition to the other design standards already supported by SkyCiv. As a first release, we are looking for feedback to improve the product and are looking forward to continually improving the software! Likewise, if you'd like to see any additional modules added, please contact us at anytime!

SkyCiv is excited to announce that the first release of these design modules are just weeks away! A lot of hard work has gone into making this module easy to use, powerful and with reports that show the full set of calculations. These much anticipated design modules will come in two forms:

Standalone (Free)

Standalone software is used without the need of an integrated analysis software. Simply enter in the sections and reinforcement, apply the loads and instantly review the results of your reinforced concrete design checks.


Integrated (Paid)

Having this design check software fully integrated with our powerful structural analysis software means all your loads, dimensions and materials are imported directly from your analysis model. It allows the engineer to check all the concrete members with a single click of the mouse. Integrated software is extremely powerful and fast way to model your structures. Having your model completely integrated means you can make changes to your model and instantly check the results with your local design standard.

What will the Output be?

The concrete design modules will all have their own output, specific to the design standards they are built on, however the overall interface and user flow will be quite similar across them all. The software will produce two sets of results;

1. Summary Table:

ACI-318 concrete design software showing results

Typical result table for column and beam checks as per ACI-318

2. Detailed Report:

SkyCiv's detailed reporting allows engineers to review the calculations in this detailed, step-by-step report. The report will show the calculations, assumptions, code references and criteria of the design checks, so the engineer has all the information they need about a particular design.

Skyciv has full detailed pdf calculations of ACI-318

An excerpt of the detailed calculation report produced. Click here for a sample report.
Frederick Lim Structural Engineer, Product Development
Frederick Lim
Structural Engineer, Product Development
BEng (Civil)
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