SkyCiv is excited to announce their partnership with Autodesk, via the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN), to help integrate solutions between Autodesk and SkyCiv products! The first release of integrations are between SkyCiv Structural 3D and Revit - to provide users with the capability of seamlessly transferring models between CAD and Structural Analysis and Design software. This step is one taken to further our goal of providing our users with the most fluid and smooth engineering design process possible.

Autodesk Autorised Partner

SkyCiv is a proud partner in the Autodesk Developer Network, helping to develop close solutions with Revit and other Autodesk products. The need for software vendors to collaborate is increasingly important, with the rise of BIM helping engineers achieve more. As the infrastructure around the world increases so does the need for better information circulation and planning. This gave rise to BIM software, which allows users to model their building based of information obtain from various aspects of the whole design phase.

The use of BIM software especially comes from its ability to provide detailed AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) insights and tools to better help their users in planning, designing, constructing and managing their buildings and infrastructure.

The Challenge

Similar to other programs, CAD and BIM software present discontinuities between itself and other forms of relevant software. Users would often need to manually convert a BIM software model into another format to be accepted by either an architecture or engineering program. For structural engineers, this is often done by the engineer who generally has to recreate a model from scratch. This slows down the design process. Additionally, if changes are made to the model, it requires manual collaboration between architect and engineer to update their respective models.

The Solution: SkyCiv - Autodesk Integration

The ADN license will allow us to build better tools and upgrade our existing platforms to better integrate our software with Autodesk. Specifically, Revit and Forge from Autodesk's software package. This helps the structural engineer benefit more from the digital model created by the architect or fellow engineer.

Maintaining the digital model (rather than a CAD drawing for instance) means we can pull in the analytical model, including:

  • Importing/Exporting all nodes, members and plates locations (imperial and metric)
  • Importing/Exporting all material properties
  • Importing/Exporting all section properties
  • Importing/Exporting all point loads, distributed loads
  • Importing/Exporting supports and boundary conditions

SkyCiv-Revit Integration

the button for exporting the Revit model to SkyCiv on Revit itself

Exporting the Revit model to SkyCiv on Revit platform

Download SkyCiv-Revit Plugin

 the import from Revit button on our SkyCiv platformn

Import Revit models directly from Structural 3D
The integration with Revit would mean that engineers with or without access to Revit will be able perform a structural analysis on their Revit model without the effort of migrating all that data onto a new program. We built a two way data channel between Revit and our software allowing edits made on existing models to come through to Revit and vice versa. This then opens up the possibility of the collaboration between engineers and architects in the design cycle as changes made to either the architectural or structural model would no longer affect one another. We believe that this integration would improve and shorten the design cycle.

SkyCiv-Forge Integration

Forge is Autodesk bringing their existing program functionality to the cloud. Our integration with Forge, opens up the possibility to a full cloud design cycle, free from the hindrance of local file management and version control.  The integration with forge also brings about the ability to integrate with Autodesk's own BIM software, BIM360, granting users the full integration between engineering, architecture and construction on the cloud.


Exporting RVT models from S3D via Forge
We believe that building this integration is a solution towards the discontinuity presented by different software as well as a step forward in the direction of a fluid design cycle and a seamless interaction between architecture, engineering and construction.

skyciv is a registered autodesk authorised developer
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Download SkyCiv-Revit Plugin
Braden Koh Product Developer
Braden Koh
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