Programming for Structural Engineers

Go from zero programming experience to creating and solving structural models with Python and JavaScript!

About Programming for Structural Engineers course

Welcome to SkyCiv’s Introduction to Programming, for Structural Engineers. We’re going to be teaching the basics and more advanced skills you need, to solve real-life structural engineering problems using code. This course covers the basics of programming, including; variables, arrays, loops, functions, and other tools of programming, all through the lens of a real structural engineering problem.

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SkyCiv API Technology

An API (Application Program Interface) is the ability to connect to our software directly, without going through the user interface. Simply put, APIs allow users to submit some kind of input, perform an action, and return with a response.

Other industries have been taking advantage of APIs for quite some time. For example, flight comparison websites use APIs from a variety of flight providers to help you search for the best deal without having to visit each airline’s website individually. SkyCiv API applies the same concept to the structural engineering context. With a single click, you can generate a model, run an analysis, design checks and respond with a simple pass/fail result, without the need for any visual or graphical user input.

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Case Studies

Learn more about the  innovative solutions built on SkyCiv API technology

HVAC Platform Design

See how engineers at MonkeyToe implemented the SkyCiv API to “streamline their workflows and speed up their design process by 90%.”

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Revit integration

SkyCiv – Revit Plugin

Our two way Revit Plugin uses SkyCiv API to integrate these systems. No manual handling, simply export your Revit model to SkyCiv S3D.

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MT Solar API Solution

Solar Frame Designer

Instant pass fail designs for faster solar frame designs. Includes renderer, wind loading, steel design, foundation design and signature-ready structural reports.

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About SkyCiv

SkyCiv is a cloud-based structural engineering software & API technology provider. We are committed to innovating and challenging existing workflows to save engineers time in their work processes and designs. All of our software is developed in-house by qualified structural and mechanical engineers with extensive programming skills to ensure the software’s quality and accuracy.

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What you’ll get with your API Trial:

  • 1,000 API Credits

With the SkyCiv API trial, you will receive 1,000 API credits to work on your prototype or solution.

  • 1-on-1 Support from our API Engineers

Our engineering team is here to help. Our API engineers will assist you should you have any questions along the way.

  • 30 Day Access

Evaluate the API for your team. Learn how the API works, build your own prototypes to help you company, commitment free.

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