Announcing the Release of the new SkyCiv API

It’s officialwe’ve released the latest version of our API d'analyse structurelle et de conception, opening up endless possibilities for our users. Engineers can now use the SkyCiv API to access a wide range of analysis, conception, le rendu, reporting and modelling features directly, which will help engineers innovate in the field of structural engineering and design and complete tasks more efficiently.

The SkyCiv API will be in Beta for the first 6 mois. We’ve had a number of early adopters test, utilisation, and push the limits of the API, which has allowed our development team to refine it’s functionality to make it better for our users. The API has allowed our early adopters to do some pretty cool things, comprenant: automating repetitive designs, empower clients in the planning stage, et speeding up the design stage by more than 90%! We want to start out by thanking these early adopters who have provided such valuable feedback and feature ideas which have helped shape this product.

What does the API do?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Tout simplement, Les API permettent aux utilisateurs de soumettre une sorte d'entrée, effectuer une action, et revenir avec une réponse. D'autres industries profitent des API depuis un certain temps: Les sites de voyage qui vous permettent de rechercher les meilleurs vols auprès de différents fournisseurs utilisent les API de ces compagnies aériennes pour vous fournir ces informations directement au même endroit.. Sans API, vous devrez vous rendre sur le site Web de chaque compagnie aérienne individuellement. Avec l'API SkyCiv, nous pouvons utiliser le même concept pour l'ingénierie structurelle. D'un simple clic, vous pouvez générer un modèle, lancer une analyse, concevoir des vérifications et répondre par un simple résultat réussite/échec, sans aucune intervention visuelle ou graphique de l'utilisateur.

The newest version of the SkyCiv API allows engineers to access a huge amount of SkyCiv functionality directly with a simple HTTP request. The API packs a lot of power:

  • Build analytical modelsgreat for automating the modelling process
  • Enregistrer / charger des modèles vers et depuis le stockage cloud
  • Pull specific shapes from our Section Library (avec plus de 10,000 sections)
  • Exécuter une analyse structurelle (linéaire, non linéaire, le flambage, câbles, assiettes, frequency and response spectrum)
  • Exécuter des vérifications de conception (AISC, NDS, AISI, Eurocode, Britanique, Australie, Canadiens)
  • Obtenez une analyse structurelle et des rapports PDF complets de vérification de la conception
  • Get wind/snow speeds and loads for specific regions (NOUS, AU, BOÎTE, Nouvelle-Zélande, MOI)
  • Render a model in 3D and display the structural analysis results – Libre!

Combining the above functions, engineers can use API’s to automate tasks like so:

Sample of SkyCiv Structural Engineering API

How can an engineer benefit from using an API?

An API can be used to build custom solutions, automate repetitive tasks or make data migration seamless. This is extremely valuable to engineers who are able to take advantage of these solutions by eliminating their most valuable resource: temps. Par exemple, imagine you had to model, analyse and design 100 very similar or repetitive structures. This would take tens if not hundreds of hours for an engineer to model, analyze and design using any typical structural engineering software. But with just a bit of code, engineers can loop around the API to automatically model each structure and to get the same results in a few minutes.

Teams and companies can benefit greatly by writing smart technology around powerful APIs. Let’s not forget there is a direct correlation between industry leaders and R&D expenditure. Providing faster turnaround for clients, conceptions plus efficaces, and giving engineers some of their time back is something we should all strive for. Smarter technology can enable this through the use of the SkyCiv API.

Comment commencer?

C'est simple! Avec SkyCiv, vous pouvez même obtenir le poids de votre structure avant de la construire Libre 30 Essai d'un jour sur le compte API SkyCiv and you can start playing with our API right away. Découvrez notre Documentation API to help you get started and familiar with some of the features and functions we have available. We also have a public GitHub to help you with sample code and examples.

We’ve also made it easy to get started and play around with some of the API functions via our API Sandbox:

API de conception d'ingénierie structurelle SkyCiv

Need some help? Or not sure if this is what you need? Reach out to our team at [email protected] to discuss if the API is right for you. You have great ideas, we can help you bring them to life.

The SkyCiv Team is excited to bring this technology to your organisations and help the industry move forward as a whole.

Sam Carigliano PDG et co-fondateur de SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
PDG et co-fondateur de SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom