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CSA S16 (2014)

Among the many design standard SkyCiv offers, is CSA S16 - Design of steel structures. With this software, you can design common steel shapes with the following features:

Version 1 - Integrated

This module is fully integrated with our powerful structural analysis software analysis that allows engineers to model, analyse and design with one model. With a single click, the software will pull your entire model and test each member against the criteria of the Standard to determine whether or not it passes/fails the requirements of CSA S16. Loads, members and design parameters will automatically be imported for you.

Click here for more general information on our Integrated Structural Design Software

Version 2 - Standalone

The standalone software refers to the Free CSA S16 design software, that allows engineers to design steel members based on Australian Standards and Sections.

Click here for more general information on our Free (Standalone) Structural Design Software