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Repeat Mirror

SkyCiv provides a number of advanced operations to speed up your modelling workflow.

Repeat mirror is one such operation which allows you to select and repeat a portion of your structure. This feature is useful when you have a structure (e.g. a warehouse) that is mostly made up of repeated structures (e.g. portal frames).

Example: Modelling a warehouse with repeated portal frames

In this example we will model a warehouse that is made up of 3 repeated portal frames. The first portal frame has already been modelled.

a single portal frame structure

Select the members you wish to repeat. Since we want to repeat the whole portal frame we simple hold Ctrl and press A to select all members of the structure. In circumstances when we wish to only repeat part of the structure, we would hold Ctrl and click the members we wish to select.

highlight all members with ctrl a

Hover over the 'Advanced' top menu, then hover over 'Operations' to then select the 'Repeat/Mirror' option.

repeat mirror by hovering over advanced operations

A popup will appear to give you some options. In this example we want 3 portal frames that are separated by 3 meters. Hence we enter 2 repetitions, spaced 3 meters apart, in the negative (absolute) Z axis direction.

repeat mirror options popup

You can see the results of the repeat mirror operation below on the portal frame. As you can see, 2 repetitions were created of the original portal frame, and they are separated by 3 meters.

results of the repeat mirror operation on a portal frame

The remaining connecting members are then quickly and easily added to the warehouse to finish it off.

connecting the repeated portal frames together