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SkyCiv API
v3.0.1 - 22 November 2020
  • NEW: Load custom sections direct from your saved sections using `load_custom` key
  • Added options key to take in global API settings, including `validate_input` and `response_data_only`
  • Added more keys to S3D.model.solve to filter what results are returned. `filter` key now takes in "none" (default), "envelope", "summary", "load_case", "load_group", "load_combo", "envelope_abs_max"
  • Member offsets can now be specified as either local or global using the s3d_model settings key: `member_offsets_axis`
v3.0 - 20 October 2020

Release of new SkyCiv API v3, with a new file format and additional analysis, design, rendering and reporting functionality. Features include:

  • S3D.model.set - to build models
  • - save models to cloud storage
  • S3D.model.solve - to perform FEM analysis
  • S3D.member_design.check - to perform member design checks from US, AU, EN, BS, CSA design codes
  • loads.getLoads - generate wind/snow loads, topography factors and more using a site location
  • Click here for full list of API features

Other features

  • Load sections directly from library
  • Full 3D Renderer available to display your model (free to use)
  • Mesh plates
  • Get SkyCiv Section library list
  • Take screenshot of model
SkyCiv Desktop App
v1.2.0 - 23 November 2020
  • Fix issues with downloading reports and other files from S3D.
  • Confirm whether to stay/leave S3D when trying to navigate elsewhere on the platform.