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SkyCiv provides a useful summary of your structure's results in its Analysis Report.

After you have solved your model, simply click the 'Analysis Report' menu button on the left to open up the pop up.

Firstly, be sure to select at least 1 Load Combination in the section on the left outlined in red. You can select multiple load combinations to create a report with sections on each of these results. Doing this however will increase the time it takes to generate the report. In this example, 3 load combinations have been selected. Whilst their titles are similar, it is because of the "Or" statement that these are unique.

Taking a look in the middle column, checking the 'Title Page' option creates a nicely formated title page with an image of the structure, a timestamp for when the report was generated, and the file name and software that was used. For our Enterprise (Professional Plus) members we offer the ability to change the standard SkyCiv logo with your own company logo (or another logo of your own choosing such as from your client).

Having the 'Job Setup' option selected provides a summary of the unit system, nodes, members, supports, materials, sections, and loads used to model your structure.