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Single/Double Angle

The Single/Double Angle connection is one of the most commonly used shear connections in structures. It is used commonly for its relatively low cost to strength ratio. This connection also has relatively low cost and low risk to be erected compared to other connections. Typically, these connections are used to connect a HSS column to a W-beam. Much like the Single Angle, the Double Angle is able to provide more rigidity by adding another L-bracket on the other side of the connection.

HSS single and double angle


This type of connection can either be bolted or welded on the parent or the child side of the connection. The most common configuration used is the all bolted single angle connection as the holes can be drilled before erecting the connection on site. It is normal to minimize the time for connection erection as labour time on site is more costly than time in the workshop. When designing single angle connections,there are certain good practices to follow.

Best Practices