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You are required to enter your username and API key into the authentication fields to access the solver.

Input Type Description
auth Object To authenticate your access to the API, you need to provide your username and key as properties to the auth object.

Authentication Properties Type Value Description
username String Paul Your username when logging in to SkyCiv.
key String Sprmas7aUw7bnGmrqmfwNsLAJ92QIfoezfJZg7HXWUfarSeAG9Jpc0Yt7CLmtcNZ Your API key.


   "auth": {
      "username": "Paul",
      "key": "Sprmas7aUw7bnGmrqmfwNsLAJ92QIfoezfJZg7HXWUfarSeAG9Jpc0Yt7CLmtcNZ"