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Welds are one type of fixture that can be used to fix your connection to your member. Welds first have to be specified, before they can be referenced in the parent fixture or child fixture sections. Once they are defined, they are referenced by their ID.

Clicking the 'Welds' button will bring up the summary table to define your welds. You are able to define as many welds as you wish, and reference them by their 'Fixture ID'. The table summarises all the welds you have defined. You are able to add new welds with the 'Add' button, edit a weld with the icon in the 'Edit' column, delete a weld with the icon in the 'Delete' column, and delete all your welds with the 'Delete All' button.

summary table for your welds

Add Weld

Adding a weld will create a new weld with some default properties.

Edit Weld

Editing a weld open up the UI to edit the properties of the individual weld.

edit the properties of your weld