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Point Loads

Point loads are forces which can be applied at a node or at a point along a member. In both cases, the location, magnitude, and sign direction need to be specified. Forces which are applied at an angle to the node or member can be specified by providing the X,Y,Z components of the force.

Point Loads applied to Nodes

To apply a point load on a node, simply specify values for:

Point Loads applied to Members

To apply a point load on a member, simply specify values for:

Angled Loads

Here's a short example of how to apply a point load at an angle. Say you want to apply a -100kN load at a 30* angle to the XY plane. Seeing as there are infinite planes and directions we can apply this point load to, we need to use the magnitude to specify the force at an angle.

We need to break the force into two parts: the X magnitude and Y magnitude, we would do this as follows:

Xmag = -100cos(30) = -86.602 kN
Ymag = -100sin(30) = -50 kN

Combined this will create a 100 kN force at a 30* angle:

Quick Tip

You can enter in equations and formula (for instance, -100cos(30)) into SkyCiv input boxes, and we'll actually evaluate and enter the value (-86.602) to save you time. Use this for quick calcs, and to save you entering long and tedious numbers manually. Some other examples are: