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Spiral Member

SkyCiv provides a number of advanced operations to speed up your modelling workflow.

'Spiral member' is one such operation which allows you to select 1 node as the starting point, and generate a spiral (made up of members). This feature is useful when modelling spiral structures like some types of staircases or railings.

Example: Modelling a spiral structure

In this example we will model a spiral structure. The first step is to a node at the origin (0,0,0).

start by creating a single node

Select the nodes by clicking it. When selected, the node will turn blue.

select the node and it will turn blue

Hover over the 'Advanced' top menu, then hover over 'Operations' to then select the 'Curved Member' option.

select spiral member from the advanced menu

A popup will appear to give you some options.

spiral member popup options

The generated spiral structure is shown below.

spiral member structure example