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Member Results

SkyCiv provides a useful summary of your structure's results in its Analysis Report.

Simply click the 'Analysis Report' menu button on the left to open up the pop up.

Having the 'Member Results' option selected will include results at different points along each member of your structure. This includes internal member forces and moments (axial force, shear force, torsion, and moment), member displacements about the global axes (length and rotation), member displacements about the local axes (length and rotation), and member stresses.

There are also highlighted cells, so you can easily identify the max and min results in the structure. The green cells denote the minimum(s) and the red cells are the maximum(s) for that particular result. For instance, the red cell highlighted under Z Moment would be the maximum Z Moment in the entire structure.

The default number of results at each member is 5 (at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) but this can be increased in the settings under 'Evaluation Points per Member'.