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Change the settings of your structure and how it will be solved here.

Input Type Description
settings Object The settings are defined in the properties of the settings object.

Properties Type Default Value Description
analysis_type Number 0 Selects the type of analysis to perform.
0 represents linear-static
1 represents linear-static and buckling
2 represents non-linear small displacement theory
3 represents non-linear finite displacement theory
accurate_buckling_shape Boolean false This setting does not affect buckling values and factors. If enabled when a buckling analysis is performed then only the accuracy of the displayed buckled shape will be improved, however it will take longer to solve.
units String "metric" Selects the system of units. "metric" or "imperial" values are accepted.
precision Number 0 Selects the type of precision to receive your output. 0 represents fixed point precision, 1 represents exponential precision.
precision_values Number 3 The number of precision values to receive for the type of precision selected.
evaluation_points Number 5 The number of points along each member which a solution is evaluated. Maximum possible value is 50.
non_linear_tolerance Number 1 Non-Linear Analysis will continue to solve until this tolerance (relative error percentage) is met. A smaller number takes longer for convergence. Restricted to 0.1 to 10 inclusive in 0.1 increments.
auto_stabilize_model Boolean false Enable this if your model has stability issues, especially if the non-linear analysis will not converge. The solver will attempt to automatically stabilize nodes that are not restrained. Recommended to leave this disabled unless you are having issues with stability.
analysis_report Boolean false Enable this to be able to generate a pdf or text report. More settings for the analysis report are configured in the "analysis_report" property which is detailed in the next documentation article. If set to false, then any settings entered into the following "analysis_report" property will be ignored. The API response will provide a link to access the report in the "analysis_report" property.


    "settings": {
      "analysis_type": 0,
      "accurate_buckling_shape": false,
      "units": "metric",
      "precision": 1,
      "precision_values": 6,
      "evaluation_points": 5,
      "non_linear_tolerance": 5,
      "auto_stabilize_model": false
      "analysis_report": true