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How Our Pricing Works

Our software is all available under a subscription model which allows users to purchase access to the software under a fixed price for a fixed term. For instance, $79.95 per month. Our subscriptions are automatic, so you purchase and the subscription will automatically bill every month (or year, depending on your subscription) until you decide to cancel.

What is the minimum term I can sign up for?

Our subscriptions are offered month-to-month with no minimum term. So you can sign up for a single month and as long as you cancel before your next payment, that is all you will have to pay. This allows our users to be flexible and only pay for when they need the software!

How do I Purchase a Subscription?

The instructions are all outlined on our checkout page. It's as simple as entering in your credit card and personal details. From here, we use a third party merchant (Stripe or PayPayl) to handle your credit card payment and details to ensure your credit card and personal information is held securely.

How do I cancel?

Cancelling is easy and can be done at anytime from the user's Account Settings which can be accessed by logging in. At this point your billing will be cancelled, but you will still have access to the remaining time in which you have paid for. For instance, if I purchase on the 15th of March and cancel on the 20th of March, my account will still be active until the 15th of April. At this point, my account will be demoted to a free account. You can re-upgrade your account again at any time.