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Meshing Your Plate

Prior to solving for results, plates needs to be meshed. SkyCiv's mesher is able to divide a plate into triangle or quadrilateral shell elements.

The shell elements used to divide the plate include both a membrane and bending component to the element.

To specify a plate mesh in SkyCiv Structural 3D simply provide inputs for:


To learn how to create a plate, follow the Example inside of Plates.

1) To mesh your plate, click the 'Mesh' button at the top right corner inside the 'Plate' menu.

2) In the pop up menu, specify 1 as the 'Plate Selection'. Select 'Triangular', 'Automatic', and '1 (Very Course)' for this example. The other examples can be experimented with. Click Mesh.

3) The plate has successfully been meshed. Follow the Example in Pressures to learn how to apply a pressure load to a plate.