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Verification Model

Egg Structure


The purpose of this test case is to validate some of the analysis of a structure with custom sections with the inclusion of shear area in the analysis, specifically:

  • Deflection
  • Forces/Moments
  • Non-linear Analysis using small displacement theory

The Structural 3D results were compared against a third party analysis software.

Model Setup

The structure is a 168-node, 446-member frame structure supported by fixed supports. The building exterior consists of 5 rectangular sections, with the base section having a dimension of 120x220 and where every succeeding level, the depth of the section decreases by 20mm. The horizontal members, as well as the exterior braces, have a circular section with a diameter of 30. The rectangular sections are comprised of a material property labelled as 'coconut wood', while the circular sections are made of a material property labelled 'bamboo'.

Evaluation points: 10
Solve Type: Non-Linear Analysis (14 iterations)

Egg structure

Egg structure sections

Egg structure materials

Analysis Results

Result Location SkyCiv Third Party Difference
Moment Z Member 78, End Node 0.65826 kN-m 0.65854 kN-m -0.04252%
Moment Y Member 72, Start Node 0.61653 kN-m 0.61735 kN-m 0.13283%
Shear Y Member 106, Start Node 0.10206 kN 0.10167 kN 0.38359%
Shear Z Member 105, End Node -3.07076 kN -3.10246 kN -1.02177%
Reaction Y Node 117 -20.20429 kN -20.21266 kN -0.04141%
Reaction Y Node 76 14.89095 kN 14.89485 kN -0.02618%
Deflection X Node 86 5.04312 mm 5.01348 mm 0.59121%
Deflection Y Node 18 -0.11258 mm -0.11255 mm 0.02665%
Rotation Z Node 116 0.00228 rad 0.00227 rad 0.44053%
Rotation X Node 110 -0.00133 rad -0.00133 0.00000%

Result Screenshots

Egg structure displacements

Showing global deflection results in the X through linear analysis

Egg structure displacements non-linear

Showing global deflection results in the X through non-linear analysis