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File Manager

Want to save the API structure you just created? Now you can by configuring the properties in the file_manager object. The saved files can be opened as S3D files, as if they were created in the GUI of the software.

Input Type Description
file_management Object To save your file as a S3D file, simply specify a save location (path), file name, and acknowledge you want to save your file.

File Manager Properties Type Value Description
filename String "API File Name" The name of your file.
path String "/api/optional_sub_folder/" The folder path to save your file. Any folders that don't exist will be created. In this example, "api" is the first folder, and "optional_sub_folder" is the folder within "api".
save_file Boolean true Set this to true or false (no double quotes). If true, then a S3D file is created in the directory and with the name specified. If false, then no file is saved but you still receive your results.


    "file_management": {
        "filename": "API File Name",
        "path": "api/optional_sub_folder/",
        "save_file": true