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Plates are 2D strucutural elements. Individual plates are objects contained within the plates object. Each plate inside the plates object should be identified by a unique positive integer. Each plate defined here is also known as a "parent plate" as it can be further meshed into smaller plate elements.

Input Type Description
plates Object Each plate is defined by an object with properties as explained below.

Plate Properties Type Unit Default Description
nodes String - - The nodes which make up the plate. A minimum of 3 nodes are required to specify a plate. Enter this as a string with double quotes, with each node id number separated by commas.
thickness Number Section Length - The thickness of the plate.
material_id Number - - The material of the plate. Identified by the material ID defined in the "materials" object
rotZ Number Angle (Degrees) 0 Rotation of plate about the plate's local Z (normal) axis in degrees.
type String - "mindlin" Currently only accepts "mindlin". Mindlin plates take into account shear deformations based on the Mindlin-Reissner Theory. Plans to implement the Kirchhoff Plate is in our future works list.
offset Number Section Length 0 Offset of the plate in its local z-axis.
state String - "stress" "stress" or "strain" denotes whether the plate is in a state of "Plane Stress" or "Plane Stress".
is_meshed Boolean - false Is the plate meshed? Accepts true or false. If the plate is meshed, then the elements making up the mesh will be available in the "meshedPlates" object.


    "plates": {
        "1": {
            "nodes": "4,5,7,6",
            "thickness": 50,
            "material_id": 1,
            "rotZ": 0,
            "type": "mindlin",
            "offset": 65.6,
            "state": "stress",
            "is_meshed": true