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Single Member Reports

SkyCiv provides a useful summary of your structure's results in its Analysis Report.

Simply click the 'Analysis Report' menu button on the left to open up the pop up.

Firstly, be sure to select at least 1 Load Combination in the section on the left outlined in red. You can select multiple load combinations to create a report with sections on each of these results. Doing this however will increase the time it takes to generate the report. In this example, 3 load combinations have been selected. Whilst their titles are similar, it is because of the "Or" statement that these are unique.

Having the 'Single Member Reports' option selected will include sub-reports within your overall report on the members of your structure. You can specify to only include the 'Single Member Reports' for some members of the structure or even none at all. Use commas to separate the members to include. Leave blank to include all the members (up to the maximum).

You can specify the ordered layout of what is to be included in each 'Single Member Report'. The menu on the right allows you to drag and drop to rearrange the order, delete widgets of information that are not necessary, and to include widgets of information with the top drop down menu.

Note that if multiple load combination are selected (like the 3 selected in this example), then a 'Single Member Report' will be generated for each load combination.