Software for Solar Engineers

SkyCiv Solar Solutions enable engineers to automate solar mounting frame design, significantly cutting engineering time to just minutes.
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Custom software solutions for solar design

SkyCiv Custom Solutions can design every part of your solar structure from frame members, to connections and foundations.

We can then optimize your structure to use the most efficient section to save your client's money and reduce material usage. With a library of cross-sections and materials from around the world as well as US, Australian, European, and Canadian design standards SkyCiv Solar Solutions can be localised to your region.

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Innovative solutions for the solar industry

Automated wind loading for solar frames

SkyCiv provides automated wind loadings for numerous regions around the world including the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. With just a site address SkyCiv can fetch key data from locations to automatically determine wind speeds, snow loads, and loading parameters and use this to automatically apply loading to your solar panel and mounting structures. This can then be combined with custom reporting so that engineers can see exactly what parameters and loads have been applied.

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Software solutions for solar installers

As a solar installer, you operate in a competitive industry that requires you to stay ahead of your competitors. SkyCiv offers affordable custom solutions to help reduce engineering turnaround time to just minutes and allow you to get proposals out quickly to clients.

You can leverage SkyCiv's existing technology to automate repetitive design and engineering tasks and generate engineering-ready reports saving you thousands in engineering fees.

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Software solutions for solar marketers

All of SkyCiv Custom Solar Solutions can easily be integrated into your website as free tools to help you improve SEO and convert leads. With custom branding for your company, you can easily engage clients by letting them assess the initial feasibility or cost of their required solutions.

Our team is experienced in developing and helping integrate these solutions into your existing website to suit your custom needs. Get in touch below to see how we can help you get ahead with your custom client-facing calculators and tools.

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More benefits of SkyCiv custom solutions

Get results for repetitive engineering tasks from just a few inputs. Automate the solar frame engineering process including modeling, loading, design and optimization from members to foundations.

Our API infrastructure allow you to leverage our existing technology reducing development costs. Web based solutions allow you to easily scale you solution into the hands of your engineering team or clients.

Produce engineering-ready reports almost instantly to cut your design time from days to minutes and save thousands of dollars in engineering review time and fees while scaling your operations up.

SkyCiv's automated solutions can not only design your solar structures but also optimize designs to reduce material costs. Get in touch today and see how you can save your clients money.

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Case studies

“We are TOTALLY happy! The automation concept and general process of the SkyCiv system totally aligns with the way we do our projects. SkyCiv’s help in the design and building process has always way exceeded our expectations".

Travis Jordan, President of MTSolar
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The Sandbox Solar solution has saved thousands in engineering review time and fees. The standout feature is customer parameters and letterheads that streamline the process – “now I can review and stamp our team’s drawings seamlessly”.

Ian Skor, CEO of Sandbox Solar
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