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Automated Structural Design Solutions for the Solar Industry

Solar frame manufacturers need to provide fast and efficient structural designs to stay competitive and provide a better service to clients. The SkyCiv API enables exactly this. With the SkyCiv API, structural design requirements (such as structural analysis, steel design checks, foundations, and pole design) can all be automated and turned around instantly for you and your clients!

Reduce time waiting for engineers to return results, empower your team to perform preliminary checks with instant results!

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Discover the benefits of automated structural design

Instant Structural Design with a Single Click

Accurate Wind/Snow Loading

Most structural designs require some form of wind or snow load testing. Often this is a very manual process, or requires difficult inputs from the customer or installer. The SkyCiv API has powerful wind/snow loading features, with just the simple input of a site address or location. SkyCiv will return all necessary wind speeds, pressures, snow loads and reports for a site location.

Currently supports more than 20 countries and 6 design standards, including US, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

Faster, accurate and fully automated snow/wind loading using the SkyCiv AP

Reduce Material and Cost via Design Optimization

Your automated design tools can often remove some of the empirical or rule of thumb calculations and improve the efficiency of your designs. Your designs can be optimized by replacing these calculations with more accurate results using Finite Element Analysis, saving your clients money and providing them with a better service.

Your automated solution can help your structural engineer be more efficient, by optimizing instantly with a high level of reliability. Try different section sizes, modify the structure, test different foundation sizes – all with a click of a button. Your designs, your way.

Easy Interface + 3D Rendering

With a clear and interactive user interface, your clients or sales engineers can visualize and interact with the structural model in real time – helping them get their designs exactly right!

Interactive rendering allows the user to display and visualise results and inputs. Control and edit your structure parameters and inputs (such as height, length etc..) and watch your structure take shape. Not only this, users can also capture screenshots, query information, change visibility settings and much more…

The renderer can be used and customized to fit your specific needs.

Ready-to-Sign Structural Engineering Reports

Instant calculation reports, ready for verification by an engineer. Turn jobs around faster with instant, accurate structural engineering reports. Keep your engineer happy with fully transparent and well-documented design reports that show step by step calculations. Customize your reports to include information required to have your projects stamped and approved faster!

Reports can be generated for foundations, member design, wind/snow loads and any other custom information required. Reports also come in a summarized format that display green, yellow and red member pass/fail results for simple and quick reviews.

Speed up your engineering and documentation reports, using the SkyCiv API.

Explore how SkyCiv API can benefit your projects

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Case Study

Current Solutions using the SkyCiv API

MT Solar

MT Solar designs and manufactures solar mounting structures for solar modules and arrays of all sizes across the US. Typical designs would take a 2-week turnaround from a Structural Engineer, with consulting fees often in the thousands of dollars.

MT Solar’s new AutoDesigner is built around the SkyCiv API and allows MT Solar clients and sales staff to quickly design and produce structural design reports within minutes. From here, it’s a simple review from the engineer to get the designs finalized.

This results in an (a) instant turnaround (b) optimized design, and (c) reduced expenditure on consulting fees.

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“The automation concept and general process of the SkyCiv system totally aligns with the way we do our projects. Your help in the design and building process has always way exceeded our expectations!”

Travis Jordan, President, MT Solar

More benefits from SkyCiv

A better design workflow
SkyCiv Cloud Computing Gif

SkyCiv structural design software is 100% cloud, giving you instant access through your web browsers. Simply log into your SkyCiv account and visit the software directly. You can now access your files from anywhere and at any time.

SkyCiv software is built with a number of great modeling, editing, and reviewing features that help you achieve a much faster modeling workflow. These range from the pen tool, bulk editing, camera roll, and more.

Learn about SkyCiv modeling features →

Clear step by step calculation reports help the engineer understand exactly what the software is doing - no more blackboxes!

Learn about reporting →

Share and collaborate in real-time with your team using our file sharing and permission control functionalities. They also allow the SkyCiv Support team to view your models so support can never be easier.

Learn about file sharing →

One account gives you access to all SkyCiv software, allowing you to make the most of our structural engineering software.

Learn about SkyCiv software list →

Learn more how you can design faster, easier and smarter.

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