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The SkyCiv Weld Capacity Calculator allows users to compute the capacity based on Blodgett’s geometry for welds treated as a line. The patterns available in the Blodgett Weld Capacity Calculator are based from the standard design formula that can be seen in Table 4 and 5 of the book Design of Welded Structures by Omer W. Blodgett. The weld capacity calculator will return results including the applied force on the weld, the weld capacity and the utilization ratio of the weld. Get started with the calculator below.

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About the Blodgett Weld Capacity Calculator

What Design Methods are Used in the Weld Capacity Calculator?

Both Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) are available in the Weld Capacity Calculator. The ASD method considers the maximum allowable stress for a welded joint based on joint type and base materials, stresses are then checked to ensure they do not exceed the allowable values. In comparison, the LRFD method does not set a fixed allowable stress value but instead involves calculating a welded joint based on factors like the weld strength, material properties, and loading.

How is Welding Length Calculated?

Generally welding length is calculated by measuring the linear distance along the joint between the two members that need to be welded. Other factors also need to be considered such as the thickness and type materials being joined.

Types of Welding Joints

There are multiple types of welding joints available that are used in structural engineering. Some common types of joints include Butt Joints, T-Joints, Lap Joints, Corner Joints, Edge Joints, Groove Joints, Plug Welds, Filleted Joints, Spot Weld and Seam Welds.

Weld Capacity Calculator Calculator FAQs

What is Blodgett Welding?

Blodgett Welding is based on Omer W. Blodgett book Design of Welded Structures.

What Weld Section Properties are Required?

The SkyCiv Weld Capacity Calculator takes properties include the ultimate strength of the weld, the weld size and the depth of the weld.

What Weld Loads are Required?

The SkyCiv Weld Capacity Calculator requires the applied force along the x, y and z directions as well as the moment about the x and z axis.

What Unit System is Available?

Currently only the imperial unit system is available.

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