Science Olympiad Tower

The Science Olympiad tournament is an annual contest where elementary, middle, and high school students from across the United States gather and take part in science and engineering competitions. The SkyCiv platform was widely used in last year’s structural engineering events. Due to the immense popularity, SkyCiv, for the first time, will proudly be sponsoring this year’s competition. As a bronze sponsor, we will be providing students the use of our platform for competitions in the field of structural engineering.

The project seen here is a tower from last year’s entry in one of the Science Olympiad’s structural engineering competitions. A sample load of 1kN/m was placed on the top of the tower. The results show that only the top chord members are experiencing great stress. In this case, increasing the section dimensions would be the ideal solution. As the structure is a small scale model (The height is only 0.51 meters), note that the only two of the supports are pinned supports while the rest are rollers, which may be a parameter of the competition. That said, if the objective was to recreate a small-scale real life replica, it is recommended that one pinned support be applied so as to better simulate the behavior of a movable scale model

Project Details

Date April 20, 2018
Tags Education

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