SkyCiv Quick Design has an input library called ReportHelpers designed to help you format and write reports easily.

Basic Reporting#


Blocks are the lowest level of reporting and can be used to customize your reporting however you need it. We have a number of wrapper functions (shown in later functions) but this is the most direct way you can report. The variable REPORT is a global veriable that is accessible within your module.'K-Factor Calculations', 4);
REPORT.block.addCalculation("AISC 360-10"); //will print on the left column
REPORT.block.addCalculation('[math]K = \\frac{180° \\cdot BA}{\\pi \\cdot \\theta \\cdot T} - \\frac{R_i}{T}[math]', 'K-Factor Formula');
REPORT.block.addCalculation('[math]\\text{Where:}\\ \\theta = \\text{Bend Angle, } T = \\text{Material Thickness, } BA = \\text{Bend Allowance, } R_i = \\text{Inner Radius}[math]');
REPORT.block.addCalculation('[math]\\text{Given values:}\\ T = ' + T + '\\text{ mm, } R_i = ' + Ri + '\\text{ mm, } \\theta = ' + theta + '\\text{ degrees, } BA = ' + BA + '\\text{ mm}[math]');
REPORT.block.addCalculation('[math]K = \\frac{180° \\cdot ' + BA + '}{\\pi \\cdot ' + theta + ' \\cdot ' + T + '} - \\frac{' + Ri + '}{' + T + '} = ' + K.toFixed(3) + '[math]', 'Calculated K-Factor');
REPORT.block.addResult('K = ' + K.toFixed(3));

Text and Formatting Functions#


This will print a heading at the top of a new block.

let font_size = 3;
ReportHelpers.heading("My Heading", font_size, "reference (optional)");


This will print a clean formatted text in the left column of the report. Bold and italic options are available like markdown.

ReportHelpers.print("", "My text to print", "");
ReportHelpers.print("", "This is **BOLD** text", "");
ReportHelpers.print("", "This is *italic* text", "");
ReportHelpers.print("", "[math] a^2 + b^2 = c [math]", "");


Add a sub break between sections. This is just to provide separation between different sections in the same block.



This will create a nice easy and lightweight reporting option. Rather than showing full equations, you might just want to print intermediate results:

Note: You will need to open a REPORT block for this to be visible:
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Max Shear force in Member", "V_{y}", 22.43 + " kN")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Displacement Max", "\\gamma_y", max_def + " mm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Design Load", "\\omega_x", 77.43 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Section Capacity", "\\gamma_{y2}", 123.43 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Remaining Capacity in Section", "\\gamma_{y3}", 46 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Design Load", "\\omega_x", 77.43 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Section Capacity", "\\gamma_{y2}", 123.43 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Remaining Capacity in Section", "\\gamma_{y3}", 46 + " kNm")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Remaining Capacity in Section", "\\gamma_{y3}", 46 + " kNm", "Some Reference")
ReportHelpers.lineResult("Remaining Capacity in Section", "\\gamma_{y3}", 46 + " kNm", "Some Reference", "Result")


Creates a nice looking message box for displaying error messages or warnings to the user.

ReportHelpers.messageBox("Message Body", "Message Title");
ReportHelpers.messageBox("Some warning", "Warning", "warning"); // With style option
ReportHelpers.messageBox("Some warning", "Warning", "default", "Some Reference", "Some Result"); // With reference and result.
Message BodyThe main content or message to display in the message box.
Message TitleThe title of the message box.
Style (optional)The style of the message box, such as "warning" for a warning message.
Reference (optional)Additional information or reference related to the message, displayed in the message box.
Result (optional)Information or result related to the message, also displayed in the message box along with the reference, if provided.


Shortcut to format output in certain ways

ReportHelpers.customFormat("1111.98", "price_euro); => "1.111,98"
ReportHelpers.customFormat("1111.01", "euro); => "1.111,00"


Puts a list into the report. The options parameter and all its supported options are optional.

let my_list = ["mince", "onions", "garlic", "tomatoes"];
let my_list_opts = {
"heading": "My Shopping List",
"heading_size": 2,
"reference": "Something",
"list_type": "ordered"
ReportHelpers.list(my_list, my_list_opts);
headingSpecifies the heading for the shopping listString
heading_sizeSets the size of the heading (1-5)Number (1-5)
referenceProvides a reference or additional informationString
list_typeSpecifies the type of list (ordered/unordered)"ordered" or "unordered"

Tables, Graphs and Images#


Will draw a nice BMD/SFD diagram with a simple array:

loads_array: [0.3, 0.3, 0.3, [0.3, -0.3], -0.3, -0.3],
member_length: 12.23,
loads_unit: "kN",
result_label_: "Shear Force Diagram",
result_label_x: "Column Length", // Optional
graph_title: "SFD",
color: "red",
flip_axis: false // Optional to reverse the axis


Will print an image in the report

new_block: true, //if you already have a block open, set this to false
src: ""

Images can be hosted/served directly from the calc pack by including an images folder. Reference all images included in the image directory as /image_name.png.


Create and display data in a table format.

let table_data = [
["Heading 1", "Heading 2", "Heading 3"],
["Some Result", "1223", "kN"],
["Some Other Result", "0.234", "MPa"],
["<h3>Add some Subheading with just one input</h3>"],
["Some Result", "1223", "kN"],
["Some Other Result", "0.234", "MPa"],
["Some Other Result", "0.234", "MPa"],
let options = {
heading: "Simplified Table Method",
widths: ["50%", "25%", "25%"],
text_aligns: ["left", "right", "center"], //or just "center"
reference: "Clause 1.2.3 AISC"
ReportHelpers.quickTable(table_data, options);

Advanced Options#
  • Cell Coloring options.cell_backgrounds
    • Takes an array of arrays in the format [row_idx, column_idx, hex_code]

Maths, Formulas and Status#


Will round any number to 2 decimal places, or if you provide a second argument it will round to that figure. It will work with strings and handle NaNs without crashing.

This will return a number back, that way you can continue to use this as a number (not a string)

ReportHelpers.round(0.432731); // 0.43
ReportHelpers.round(0.432731, 4); // 0.4327
ReportHelpers.round("1.736242"); // 1.74
ReportHelpers.round(6, -1); // 10
ReportHelpers.round(64, -1); // 60
ReportHelpers.round(65, -1); // 70
ReportHelpers.round(650, -2); // 600


Will automatically evaluate and print an equation to represent the result. Note: .formula() does not support {} characters. For this you will need to use lower level REPORT functions. Please do not include mathjax [math][math] tags as this will stop the formula from evaluating correctly.

var moi = ReportHelpers.formula({
"formula": "I_y = b * Math.pow(h, 3) / 12",
"variables": {
"b": b,
"h": {
value: h,
unit: "mm", // OPTIONAL: To add unit systems to formula
dec_places: 4 // OPTIONAL: To locally round a variables separate to the global formula rounding
"units": "mm^4",
"dec_places": 2,
"intermediate_result": true,
"reference": "Clause 1.2.3 AISC",
"print_result_as_utility": true,
"heading": "Formula Heading" // OPTIONAL
}); // will return the value of moi

Max and Min Functions#

You can use 'Math.min' and 'Math.max' functions with ReportHelpers.formula(). Normal MAthJax formatting is not available with this option. An example is below:

"formula": "max_value = Math.max(A, B)",
"variables": {
"A": 1,
"B": 2
"dec_places": 2,
"compact": true,
"intermediate_result": true,
"print_result_as_utility": true
formulaThe formula to use for the equation in MathJax.
variablesThe set of variables with their values to sub into the equation. Values can be a number or can also be a object with keys { value: value, unit: unit }.
unitsUnit for final results.
dec_placesNumber of decimal places to round final results too.
compactOPTIONAL: Force all of the equation and result onto one line.
intermediate_resultInclude a intermediate step where values are subbed into the original equation.
new_line_intermediateOPTIONAL: Put intermediate step on a new line.
referencePrints the reference of the equation in the left column.
print_result_as_utilityOPTIONAL: Prints the result as a utility ratio on the right column of report.
exclude_result OPTIONAL: Don't print the result line.
expected_resultOPTIONAL: Check that the formula evaluates to an expected result, throws an error if the results don't match.
convertEXPERIMENTAL: Convert the result to a new units system (i.e. m -> mm). Unit for final results must be deinfed to work. Refer to notes below.

Parameter - convert

Experimental module to allow use to conver tin the formula (i.e. turn meters into millimeters). Please confirm this is working correctly for your units before using. Currently this does not work with min and max formulas.

"convert": {
"units": 'mm' // Units to convert to
"dec_places": 2 // Optional: Decimal places to round to
"update_result": true // Optional: Update the final result with converted units.

You can include Greek Alphabet Characters in the formula by copying the character from this link.. This will work better thing including them with MathJax.


The ^ symbol in Javascript works as a XOR operator and will break your equations. Please insure you use Math.pow() instead.


This will automatically format a clean color-based result on the right side of the table. It will automatically read a value, and if it is > 1 it will show a red FAIL. If it is < 1, it will show a green PASS:;
ReportHelpers.printStatus(0.128, true);
//OR - if you want to create a new block
ReportHelpers.printStatus(0.888, false);


This will automatically return the html of the clean color-based result from ReportHelpers.printStatus()

let status_block_html = ReportHelpers.getStatusBlock(0.128);


This will automatically format a clean color-based result on the right side of the table. If you pass in pass, fail or warn then colors will be automatically assigned otherwise you can specify custom colors with the last parameter

// Parameters
// ReportHelpers.printCustomStatus(text, use_existing_block, background_color);
ReportHelpers.printCustomStatus('Pass', true, '#2185D0'); // Blue Pass Utility Status
//OR - if you want to create a new block
ReportHelpers.printCustomStatus('Pass', false); // Green Pass Utility Status
ReportHelpers.printCustomStatus('OK', false, '#2185D0'); // Blue Custom OK Utility Status


This will automatically return the html of the clean color-based result from ReportHelpers.getCustomStatusBlock()

// Parameters
// ReportHelpers.getCustomStatusBlock(text, background_color)
let status_block_html = ReportHelpers.getCustomStatusBlock('Pass', '#2185D0'); // Blue Pass Utility Status
let status_block_html = ReportHelpers.getCustomStatusBlock('Pass'); // Green Pass Utility Status



Converts units

ReportHelpers.convert(10, "in", "mm"); //254
ReportHelpers.convert(10, "kN", "kip"); //2.2480894244319
ReportHelpers.convert(2352, "mm", "m"); //2.352

For a list of supported units see Quick Design Units



MathJax in the QD Framework replaces / with //. This will differ from equations you might find in the MathJax Documentation


To add a space in pure MathJax, such as a space in the symbol key used in config.js you can use \\ ;

Full Width Blocks#

To include a full width block without a REFERENCES or RESULTS column you can use the ReportHelpers.customFullBlock(obj); function. This function takes the following options:

titleTitle that is automatically added to the full width block.
contentThe HTML content to add to the full width block. This must be all the content to be included you cannot add more content later.
font_sizeFont size of the heading in the block (default 3 i.e <h3> tags).
margin_leftMargin left of the title in pixels or %. Default 10%.

As this block takes html you can use some lower level functions to return the HTML of some of the above functions. These include:

High Level FunctionLow Level Function

Summary Reporting#

The summary report is a simple one page report that list the key input, outputs, intermediate results and relevant graphics.

Summary Report Methods#


This method takes either a image url, base64 string or pure svg html. In the case of svg html it converts the image to base64 for the report. By default this is done on a 400 wide by 380 tall canvas, however for better scaling you can specify the rendering width in the summary report settings.


Adds a secondary image, so long as "key_image_own_line" is set to true;

ReportHelpers.addIntermediateResults(name, value);#

Adds an intermediate result to the report.

Summary Report Settings#

You can specify summary report settings by including the summary_report_settings object in the calculate.js output.


"summary_report_settings": {
"key_image_own_line": true,
"key_image_width": key_image_width,
"key_image_height": key_image_height

Supported Settings

key_image_own_linefalseAdd the key image on its own line.
key_image_width400The canvas width (px) to render svg key images on.
key_image_height380The canvas height (px) to render svg key images on.
secondary_key_image_width400The canvas width (px) to render svg key images on.
secondary_key_image_height380The canvas height (px) to render svg key images on.
intermediate_results_columns2The number of columns to show in intermediate results.