Cloud based structural engineering software provider SkyCiv is sponsoring the 2018 Science Olympiad tournament. The tournament allows teams of elementary, middle and high school students across the USA to take part in various science and engineering competitions to give them further experience of STEM disciplines and further their passion for the subjects. SkyCiv, 有一个 2018 bronze sponsor, is also providing the software for the students to use in structural engineering competitions. The tournament has run for over 33 years and last year saw a total of 7800 teams from 50 states take part in the regional, state and national tournaments. This year, the regional tournaments will take place in November, culminating in April 2018 with the national final. “We got involved with the Science Olympiad after many of the past participants approached us for assistance with modelling software,” explained Abigail Goss, Education Coordinator at SkyCiv. “One of the competitions in the tournament is for students to build a model bridge out of sticks, 通过变化的负载进行测试. 我们 为参与者提供对软件的折扣访问, 使学生有机会准确地对其设计进行建模, 更好地反映工作场所中的结构工程项目。” SkyCiv的代表还将在全国总决赛中设立一个摊位, 学生在哪里 可以进入结构工程专业寻求指导和支持. 该公司还将举办网络研讨会, educational programs and tutorials to further the passion of the students and extend their skills. SkyCiv Science Olympiad Partner, SkyCiv Tower “At SkyCiv, our intuitive, cloud based software is often used by students, as well as larger companies,” continued Goss. “It will also help the younger students to collaborate and work remotely on their project, as they do not need the school computers to use the software and can instead use any device with an internet browser. “ SkyCiv热衷于帮助下一代工程专业的学生. 一个 科学奥林匹克等机会使才华横溢的学生获得更多 经历, 例如使用专业结构使用的相同软件 工程师. 通过支持该活动, 我们旨在激发学生的学习兴趣 该行业的职业。” 了解有关SkyCiv比赛赞助的更多信息, 或了解更多 关于基于云的软件, visit or email [email protected].

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