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  5. Gekraagde plaat

Gekraagde plaat

The Collared Plate Connection is very similar to the Door middel van Plate Connection in that it still uses two plates as the connection itself but they differ in that the Collared Plate Connection has a hole to fit the HSS column through it. Like a Through Plate, the Collared Plate is also considered a moment verbinding.

Collared plate with single plates on the child members


The collared plate connection is normally used over the Through Plate Connection when either weight of the connection is taken into account or to preserve more strength in the HSS column member. Echter, the collared plate itself does suffer from weakening from the hole cut out.

Beste praktijken

  • Take into account that the cutout means the connection will have an overall lower stiffness
  • The collared plate still has to be welded to the HSS member, where the welds should still be installed with precaution
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