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Naval Engineering

Naval Architecture, or marine engineering, is an engineering discipline dealing with design processes, shipbuilding, maintenance, and operation of marine vessels and structures.

Naval engineers are responsible for the safe design and specification of ships, boats, and marine structures, both civil and military, including merchant ships (cargo and passenger), warships, submarines & underwater vehicles, offshore structures (fixed & floating), high speed craft, workboats and pleasure craft. Naval architecture and maritime engineering also involves the formulation of safety regulations and damage control rules and the approval and certification of ship designs to meet statutory and non-statutory requirements.

Among most of the principal elements of naval architecture: hydrostatic, hydrodynamics, structures, arrangements, and constructions; lies a core structure stage that must support these applications. This is where a powerful structural analysis software become essential. These marine structures involve a selection of materials, sizing and positioning that is bound to keep the structure and its equipment safe from failure. This includes an analysis of global and local aspects of the vessel, vibration of the structural components and structural responses of the vessel during motions in seaway.

How SkyCiv can help

SkyCiv is cloud based software, this means you can acess to your project form any device, anytime, anywhere. You don't have to download or maintain the program, you can run it quickly from any web browser. From quick checks to complex projects, our 2D and 3D structural analysis software you can model and analyse beams, shafts, truss, frames and any other structure you might come across. It's very user-friendly so you can get all your results fast and easy: Free Body Diagram + Reactions, Internal Axial Forces, Bending Moment, Vertical Deflection, Shear Force, Stress and more.

Why SkyCiv?

  • Quick Analysis
  • Custom Reporting
  • Easy-to-use software

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structural engineering software for marine

Quick Analysis

Design and analyse a range of structures in minutes. Work fast with 100% result accuracy on your maritime or marine structures. With a clean and streamlined User Interface, you can use SkyCiv to model and analyze your structure, to get the results you need within a couple of minutes!

Customs Reports

Export single member analysis reports in a clean, professional PDF format including your own screenshots along with your full analysis - Perfect supporting material for certifications!

structural engineering software for naval architects
structural engineering software for naval architects on a mac


Get onboard easily, no training sessions required. It's as simple as registering online and receiving instant access through a web browser! Even works on a Mac! SkyCiv also offers a full Documentation and live video assistance with professional engineers under the SkyCiv yearly packages!

Case Study

Rupert Shaw, Managing Director at Lighthouse Naval Architecture, started using Skyciv as a tool for engineering calcs relating to ship based structures such as A-frames, vehicle decks, vehicle ramps, link-spans etc. In his own words: " SkyCiv Structural Software assists me with the design and analysis of structural components and assemblies. I like that Skyciv is cloud based, constantly evolving/upgrading and simple to use. I find it particularly useful to check reactions and internal member forces for complex assemblies as well as to validate hand calculations."

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