Steel Roof Frame

Steel Roof Frame

Project Description

This steel frame uses a combination of AISC and light gauge members where the main frame consist of a wide flange section and the purlins and wall frame are made of light gauge sections. Not surprisingly, some steel members are experiencing stresses as high as 400 ksi. The yield stress of steel is set to 38 ksi (This is over 10x the allowable stress, safety factors aside.) A quick glance at the loading reveals the issue as the roof is carrying a distributed load of 14 kip/ft. In practical terms, a light weight roof usually tends to support light loadings. A closer look at the structure will show that the Rigid Links are not properly modelled. Rigid links are intended for the two members adjacent members to behave as one entity. The way the links are set-up in this model may have brought unnecessary stresses within the members.

Project Details

  • Date March 20, 2018
  • Tags Civil & Construction

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