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SkyCiv's Education Centre is a service designed to for teachers and other educators to deliver quality quizes and assessments to students with great ease. SkyCiv supplies all the questions, platforms and access to your students, with marks and quiz results being sent directly to the course coordinator. This allows the instructor to focus less on assessments and more time on developing quality lesson plans.


Pick from a variety of questions to include in your quiz based on your course content. Students simply log in to their premade accounts and complete the quiz in their own time. The student's results will automatically be emailed to your email - so no marking or exam designing necessary.

Quality and Feedback

SkyCiv Education Centre feature quality and relevant questions based on the course. The quizes also provide immediate feedback to the student upon answering a question. They will receive an in-depth solution so that they learn from their mistakes.


SkyCiv has also incorporated some additional security features to ensure students cannot cheat on their quizes - ensuring the accuracy of their test scores. Students will be given warnings when their quiz window is minimized. If they continue to minimise their window, a time penalty will be applied. This feature is an extra benefit of SkyCiv Education Centre and can be disabled if required.

So far the following quizes are available (additional quizes can be developed by request):

  • Free Body Diagrams
  • Bending Moment Diagrams
  • Shear Force Diagrams
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  • House a variety of quizes, assesments and tutorials in one convenient location
  • Students can access from anytime, anywhere!
  • Students login and submit assessments - an email is sent to the instructor when complete
  • Teachers pick and choose what quizes, questions and topics are accessible.

SkyCiv takes the job of marking and question design but gives you the control of selecting the questions, choosing the difficulty and setting the time frame. This allows teachers to test a number of different classes or levels with great ease.

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