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Base Plate Connections

The Base Plate Connection are the are the critical interface between the steel structure and the foundation [1].

SkyCiv Base Plate and Anchor Design has the following features when designing:

  • Intuitive user-interface with easy inputs
  • Can solve multiple base in the same project
  • Summary table of design check values and ratios
  • Detailed, step-by-step calculation report (PDF or HTML download)

SkyCiv Base Plate and Anchor Design  supports the following capabilities when designing:

  • Design checks in compliance with ACI 318 or AISC
  • Supports multiple load cases such as Dead, Live, Earthquake, Wind and etc.
  • Support Wide Flange and HSS shape type.
  • Checks Concentric Compressive Axial Loads.
  • Checks Tensile Axial Loads.
  • Checks Base Plates with Small Moments
  • Checks Base Plates with Large Moments.
  • Checks the Design for shear.
  • Checks the Design for Anchor Rods (Pullout, Pryout, Sideblow, Breakout).
  • Seismic design provision is included.

Below is a list of limitations for SkyCiv Base Plate and Anchor Design :

  • The column must be concentric with the base plate and concrete support.
  • The base plate must be rectangular.
  • The self-weight of the base plate and the anchor bolts are ignored.


  1. Haninger, Edward R.; Tong, Bruce M. (2014). “Two-Way Bending of Base Plates under Uniaxial Moment Loading–Alternative Approach,” Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 51, pp. 229-236.
  2. AISC – Design Guide 01 (2nd edition).
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