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AISC Base Plate Verification

Figure1 : AISC Steel Design Guide # 1 : Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design

Information presented on this page is intended to demonstrate the section design convergence of AISC 360-16 and ACI 318-19 provisions for base plate design that can be achieved with SkyCiv. This example is taken from AISC Steel Design Guide # 1 as illustrated in Figure 1.

Small Moment Base Plate Design, Triangular Pressure Distribution Approach (LFRD)

reference: AISC DG # 1 2nd Edition, pp.58.


An base-plate design is subjected to two (2) static load cases  (Dead and Live) with the column section property of W12x96 and an A36 base plate dimension of 19 in. x 19 in. x 1 1/4 in. In this verification, we compare the bearing pressure and thickness output between the skyicv base plate module and working example of AISC DG#1.

INPUTS The following parameter are inputted in the Base Plate Module

Figure 2: Base plate UI – Column properties input

As illustrate in Figure 2. The input fields under Main parts → Column are as follows (1) Shape = I-Shape (2) Database = W shapes (3) Profile = W12x96 and (4) Steel Material = A36

Figure 3: Base plate UI – Base plate input

As illustrate in Figure 3. The input fields under Main parts → Base plate are as follows (1) Plate Width = 19 inches (2) Plate Height = 19 inches (3) Plate Thickness = 1.25 inches and (4) Steel Material = A36

LOADING Two static loads cases are considered:

Figure 4: Base Plate UI – Load inputs

As illustrate in Figure 4. The input fields under Loads are as follows (1) below and (2) Load diagram appear in the base plate model interface.

Dead Load = 100 kips

Live Load = 150 kips

The results of service and factor load combination are in computed in reference of ASCE/SEI 7-16.



The most significant results are compared in the table below:

Parameter Manual SkyCiv
eccentricity  2.5 2.5
Bending 1.56 1.56
Thickness 1.17 1.19

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