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Get Wind Speed by Location based on ASCE 7-10, EN 1991, NBCC 2015 and AS 1170

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SkyCiv Wind Software, Map Wind Load Analysis Software

SkyCiv Wind Software, Map Wind Load Analysis Software

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About the Wind Load Calculator

Wind Loads are important consideration in structural engineering in the design of a structure. Adding to SkyCiv's already list of free tools, is the new Wind Load Calculator for ASCE 7-10, AS 1170.2 and EN 1991 (EC1). This easy to use calculator will display the wind speed by location via a wind speed map as prescribed by the above building codes. The software also allows you to add more information about your building in order to determine the required wind pressures to be applied. There are some limitations to the free version and will allow you to get the local wind speed for 3 searches a day, and number of building type pressures.

This ASCE 7-10 / EN1991 / NBCC 2015 / AS 1170 wind load calculator has been pulled from our full Structural 3D software - that allows you to pull the wind pressure by location and apply it directly to your structural model. You can edit the input to re apply, and as you change your model the wind loads will automatically adjusts themselves so you don't have to delete and reapply!

Wind Speed Calculator

The first step of the software is to pull the wind speed out of the design code based on the user input location or zip code. Simply enter in a location (street address, longitutde/latitude, zip code) and the software will give you the corresponding wind speed by location as per the design standard. Entering the location alone will give you the wind speed, but you can also get the wind pressures and locations from entering some additional variables for the building type. With this information the software can provide the risk category for ASCE 7 10.

Wind Pressure Calculator

Once the wind speed has been calculated, the user can provide additional information regarding the building (such as building height, type and cladding) to get the wind pressure (wind load) based on ASCE 7-10, AS 1170 and EN 1991 provisions. It provides the wind load calculations on uplift, leeward, windward and roof forces of a building. The wind pressure caluclations will show the wind pressure, and area where the pressures are to be applied. Some of the building types are locked for the free version, but our cost-effective subscriptions will give you access to everything you need for wind loading!

Detailed Wind Load Calculations (coming soon)

SkyCiv offers a full design report to show the calculations of the wind loads and pressures, so you can see exactly how the software calculated the wind pressures for ASCE 7-10 and AS 1170. These are important for any engineer, so they can follow the software's assumptions, calculations and design code references. SkyCiv believes in full transparency, so detailed structural reports is a common with all of our structural software. Upgrade and view the full reports or you wish to see any ASCE 7 10 wind load calculation examples.

ASCE 7 10, AS 1170, NBCC 2015 and EN 1990

Currently the above wind force software is based on the US, Australia, Canada and Europe to help engineers determine their wind design speeds for buildings. This is required in a lot of design or building codes and can often be the governing load case in areas with high winds. We are always looking for ways to improve - so if you don't find what you're looking for - please let us know! We are very open and really appreciate feedback and suggestions to improve. Right now the tool acts as an ASCE 7-10 wind load calculator by default.

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SkyCiv offers a wide range of Cloud Structural Analysis and Design Software for engineers. As a constantly evolving tech company, we're committed to innovating and challenging existing workflows to save engineers time in their work processes and designs.

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