Quick Design Integrations

Sections DB Integration#

Quick Design is integrated with the SkyCiv Sections Database. The following functions are available in calculate.js

Database.getSection(section_map, unit_system)#

Gets the section properties from the API


let res = await Database.getSection(JSON.stringify(["American", "AISC", "W shapes", shape_value]), "metric");

Database.getShapes(library, shape)#

Gets the section list and properties from SkyCiv Servers


let res = await Database.getShapesList("AISC", "S Shapes");

Database.getShapesList(library, shape)#

Gets the section list from SkyCiv Servers, without properties.


let res = await Database.getShapesList("AISC", "S Shapes");

Materials DB Integration#


Gets the material properties from the API

let res = await Database.getMaterial(["Metric", "Wood", "Eurocode EN1995-1-1:2004", "Deciduous species", "D30"]);

Section Object in the config.js#

You can also use the "type": "section" in the config.js to automatically load a dropdown of shapes from a section library.


"shape_value": {
"label": "Shape:",
"type": "section",
"country": "American",
"library": "AISC",
"shape": "W shapes",
"default": "W6x16"

Example (Advanced)#

Support for some advanced options exists.

"c_section_with_custom": {
"label": "Section with Custom",
"type": "section",
"country": "Australian",
"library": "Steel (250 Grade)",
"shape": ["Circular hollow sections (250)", "Circular hollow sections (350)"], // Combine shape libraries
"shape_label_append": ["(250)", "(350)"], // If using an array to combine sections then append these values to sections from corresponding library
"custom_option": "Custom", // Optional: Add to custom option to the dropdown
"default": "17x2.3 CHS"

Quick Design Section Properties#

You can view the Quick Design Section Properties Docs.