The S3D.session namespace provides functions to manage a session with the API.


At the beginning of every API session, the S3D.session.start function must be the first function in the array. This initiates a session and will return a session_id which can be used in subsequent calls made in the following 30 minutes to skip the verification process, thereby dramatically reducing the time to response.


S3D.session.start must always be the first function even if session_id is provided.

keep_openbooleantrue, falseIf the session should be kept on standby. If true, subsequent calls to the API using the session_id provided from the first call in lieu of key, will be 4-8x faster.false
Sample input for S3D.session.start
"function": "S3D.session.start",
"arguments" : {
"keep_open": true

After authenticating using the API key, the response object will contain some useful information. The session_id key can be used to make further calls to the same session, skipping authentication. The session_expiry_time provides an approximate Unix time until the session expires. After this, the user must re-authenticate using their API key.

Sample response for S3D.session.start
"response": {
"session_id": "Ofd4WYHtkTjY9N2Ke3hKgTUc4r3GKtwIdy5SNswqRX6o01I46xBXt5d8KRP3JDHI_1",
"msg": "S3D session successfully started.",
"status": 0,
"function": "S3D.session.start",
"data": "",
"last_session_id": "Ofd4WYHtkTjY9N2Ke3hKgTUc4r3GKtwIdy5SNswqRX6o01I46xBXt5d8KRP3JDHI_1",
"session_expiry_time": 1605153571
"functions": ["..."]

The returned session_id can be provided in the auth object of subsequent calls to make the request faster.