Alpha Release - SkyCiv API v3.0

Sam Carigliano

Sam Carigliano

CEO @ SkyCiv

Software for the future.#

We're finally here! Version 3 of our Structural Analysis and Design API is ready for early adopters and internal use.

Since day one, SkyCiv has been committed to bringing Structural Analysis software to the 21st century. A big part of this is our API. API's allow for far more possibilities beyond traditional software that are restricted to someone manually operating software via a user interface.

We've seen other industries grow and innovative, with productivity-driven solutions helping them work faster, easier and smarter. It's time for Structural Engineers to join.

All our functionality, at your fingertips.#

The v3 API opens up almost all of our functionality for your custom needs. This includes:

  • Our FEM solver (linear, static, nonlinear, buckling, plates, frequency, response spectrum)
  • Steel member design checks (AISC, AISI, AS 4100, CSA S-16, Eurocode 2, British Standards)
  • RC Beam and Column design (ACI 318, EN 2, AS 3600, BS 8110, CSA A23)
  • Wood member design (NDS, AS 1720)
  • Section Builder (custom shapes, geometric properties, section library)
  • Reporting - full calculation reporting (for certain design codes), single member reports, analysis reports
  • Wind Loading - pull wind speeds, design pressures from an address: ASCE 7-16, AS 1170, EN 1991, NBCC 2015

As a first release this is just a start. We welcome your feedback and function requests to help us build a structural toolbox that serves your needs!

Where to Start#

Introduce yourself!#

We'd love to build a community of like-minded engineers, who want to build solutions and powerful. Reach out to me personally (connect on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]). We can also arrange a one hour consultation to help you and your company get started.


Have a browse through our Documentation. We've added some examples and sample code to help you get started. As long as you have a SkyCiv Account, you can start using the API right away.