Structural Engineering
API Hackathon 2021

October 6th – 9th, 2021

  • Build a prototype within days
  • Improve your programming skills
  • Showcase your solution to thousands of engineers

  • Learn from industry leaders

  • Save design hours and costs for your company

  • Win prizes and build your network

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About the Hackathon

The SkyCiv 2021 Hackathon is here!

The event is a free online event where structural engineers can connect as a community, learn new skills, and challenge themselves to develop smart industry solutions. It’s an opportunity for those passionate about programming and structural engineering, to harness and showcase their skills!

Build your very own Engineering solution on SkyCiv tech across 4 days with the help of the SkyCiv Engineers to build your prototype in a fraction of the time. Your solution will be showcased to over 80,000 SkyCiv users and to SkyCiv’s extensive social network.

Whether your company is looking to keep up with their competitors or you just have an interest in automating digital solutions, this is a perfect opportunity to kick-start that initiative and up-skill your employees in the process.

Solutions will be judged and showcased by the SkyCiv team based on the following criteria:

  • How innovative the solution is.
  • How strong the problem/solution fit is.
  • How well the prototype functioned on the demo day.

The event will be virtually hosted and all tutorial sessions will be available to view via YouTube.

If your solution is considered intellectual property, you can still join in and, receive professional support from the team without having your solution showcased. Teams can be individual or teams (no more than 4).

Demo Day(s)

There are two demo days (depending on your stream/timezone), 4pm Friday the 8th of October Sydney and 4pm Friday the 8th of October London Time. At this time, each team will have 2 mins to present, 2 mins for questions and 1 minute for grading. The solutions are peer-graded, so you will receive feedback and suggestions from other participants in the Hackathon.

There is also an opportunity to submit your solutions over the weekend via video. This will allow teams who can’t attend during work hours to participate. The winner will be announced Monday 11th October.

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All sessions will be held twice, once for the AEDT timezone (East coast of Australia) and another for the BST timezone (London). The recordings will be available on demand after the sessions have finished.

2 DEMO DAYs – Sydney 4pm FRIDAY / London 4pm FRIDAY

Get Started Now

You can kick-start your solution by registering for the free SkyCiv API Udemy course today!

In Part 1, Stuart teaches the fundamentals of programming with real engineering examples. Register here.

In Part 2, Steve builds on your new skills and explores the SkyCiv API, to build real engineering solutions. Register here.

Your Hosts

Sam Carigliano
Sam Carigliano
SkyCiv CEO
Stuart Gale
Stuart Gale
UK/EU API Engineer
Trevor Solie
Trevor Solie
US Onboarding Engineer
Steve Richardson
Steve Richardson
AUS/NZ API Engineer
Paul Comino
Paul Comino
SkyCiv CTO
Marco Cesco
Marco Cesco
Product/Machine Learning Engineer


Due to current restrictions, the event will be held remotely. All scheduled tutorial sessions will be recorded and available to watch online at your convenience.

Register below and we’ll keep you posted with all the latest about the event!

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